Average homeowners don’t spend a lot of time in the crawl space or the dark, dingy basement. And, the chances of finding a water leak in a place you don’t frequent? Not very likely.

Crawl space water damage is a common occurrence because supply lines, as well as drain pipes, are often routed through the basement or crawl space. Due to cold weather incidents or faulty pipes, supply lines can spring leaks and leave you with a mess. If you’re not aware of the signs, it can even continue unnoticed for some time—here’s how to identify or avoid crawl space water damage before it’s too late.

How to Avoid Crawl Space Water Damage

To identify or avoid basement and crawl space water damage, follow these three tips carefully.

Visually inspect the crawl space each quarter.

As we stated earlier, you probably don’t spend a lot of time in your crawl space—and that’s normal. Still, you’ll need to check on your crawl space or basement a few times each year to make sure everything is looking good. Specifically, look for signs of pipes problems—and if you notice anything suspicious—call a plumber ASAP.

Use your sense of smell.

Do you sense a foul odor in your home? Does it get worse when you’re in the basement? A terrible smell could indicate mold or mildew growth—so you’ll want to get that inspected by a professional as soon as you notice it. Besides being detrimental to your health, mold can also indicate a water leak has sprung nearby.

Strategically place water leak detectors.

If you want to get techy, you can even invest in water leak detectors for major leaks and disruptions. Place them strategically near water lines in your crawl space—a loud alarm will sound if water is detected!

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