When you hear someone bring up the topic of mold, the word ‘mildew’ is soon to follow. But, are they the same thing? As a homeowner, do you know the difference between mold and mildew?

It’s true that these two fungi hang out together and have quite a few similar properties. Both mold and mildew are common to homes—especially those that have damp or wet spaces for the fungi to breed. However, they’re not the same and cannot be treated as such.

Here, we’ll discuss two major differences between mold and mildew—and what to do if your home is riddled with fungi after major water damage.

How Mold Grows v. How Mildew Grows

How does mold grow? Where does it grow? Does mildew grow differently? Let’s start by answering the mildew question. Yes, mildew grows differently—and can only breed in dark, damp areas without much circulation. Because it’s a surface-level fungus, mildew doesn’t have the ability to penetrate deep into materials—mold does. Mold can penetrate the surface of almost any material and it grows well in a variety of conditions, so it’s easier to recognize.

When you can see mold growth on your drywall or ceilings, you’ll want to go deeper. Visible mold could mean a deeper problem underneath the surface.  

Appearance: How Mold & Mildew Look Different

When assessing your home after water damage, it’s important to look for signs of mold and mildew growth—but you’ll need to be able to identify which is occurring. Mold and mildew look similar, yet different. Because they appear together so often, mildew and mold can often be mistaken for the other. To tell the difference, mold most often appears blue, brown, or grey. Sometimes, mold can appear black—this is the most deadly and should be removed by a professional ASAP. Mildew, on the other hand, appears as a white or grey fluffy substance.

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