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How to Remove the Pet Urine Smell From Your Carpets

What’s that smell? If you have a cat or dog, you know that pee happens. When Fido has to go, he’s going to go...wherever he can find a place. Pet urine, unfortunately, isn’t easy to clean and can easily soak into carpets and furniture. Worst part? The smell can linger long after cleanup. Don’t let it—here’s how to remove pet urine smell from your carpets ASAP.

3 Ways to Neutralize Pet Urine Odor

1. Mix Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the easiest ways to neutralize pet odor is to use items already found in your pantry: vinegar and baking soda. Simply combine a cup of distilled white vinegar with a cup of warm water. Spray it on the urine stain and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Use an old sponge to dab the area—soaking up any excess vinegar. Then, pour baking soda over the vinegar-soaked spot to deodorize. Once it’s dry, vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy an odor-free space.

2. Create a Homemade Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

You can also use hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing detergent, and baking soda to create an odor-fighting paste. Simply combine a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and at least two tablespoons of baking soda. Apply the paste to the pet urine stain for one hour, then dab the paste off your carpet with a washcloth. Add more hydrogen peroxide as needed to clean light-colored carpets. For dark carpets, do a spot test before trying this method. 

3. Buy an Enzymatic Cleaner from the Pet Store

Don’t want to get crafty at home? You can also purchase an enzymatic cleaner from the pet store for less than $15. Enzymatic cleaners work best on fresh stains—so if it’s a stain you are trying to clean from a prior accident, you may want to reconsider options one or two. If the stain is fresh, simply spray the area with the cleaner and let it set in. Leave this area to dry on its own.

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