Ready To Sell? Here’s How To Deal With Mold First

You’ve decided you are ready to sell your home but you’ve discovered a problem: mold. You know that no potential buyer is going to be fine with the mildew smell or the health risks. What’s a homeowner to do? Here, we’ll discuss how to get rid of mold (and keep it gone) before calling your local real estate agent. 

How to Get Rid of Mold in Four Steps

Mold exists everywhere. It’s spores are in the air and it lives on surfaces around us. Some of it isn’t so bad—providing mankind with lifesaving antibiotics like penicillin—while others can be quite dangerous to our health and safety. If you’ve noticed the latter in your home, here’s how to get rid of it ASAP.

1. Identify the source of moisture.

Mold loves dark, cool, and damp places—that’s where it grows best. Determine why the area of growth is damp or wet and limit the moisture at the source or improve the ventilation. 

2. Prepare yourself.

It’s important that you limit your exposure to mold during this process. Be sure to wear a protective face mask over your nose and mouth during the entire cleaning process. It’s best to wear gloves and an eye mask, too, if you have them on hand.

3. Treat the area. 

To treat the area, you’ll need to consider the situation. For hard surfaces, scrub mold off with detergent and water. For more porous areas, only use a damp rag with detergent to remove mold without causing additional damage. To speed up the process, try a mold cleaner that’s specially formulated to fight black mold spores.

4. Wipe it clean. 

Once you can no longer see the mold, wipe down the area with bleach and a damp rag. Let it dry completely before repainting or calling it a success. Once its dry, keep an eye on the area for several days to ensure no mold has returned.

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