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Metal Roofing – Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you’re in need of a roof repair or looking to replace your asphalt or cedar shingle roof, you should really consider the benefits of going with new metal roofing instead. For a long time, metal roofing was primarily used for rural buildings such as sheds and barns or for commercial and industrial applications, but new innovations have opened up metal roofing to be the perfect solution for residential homes. Read on for an ultimate guide to buying metal roofing for your house. 

Metal Roofing Styles 

There is a vast variety of metal roofing types to match any style of home. One of the most significant factors preventing people from investing in a metal roof is the belief that it won’t match their house (not so much for modern homes, but especially for owners of Colonial or Victorian homes). This is simply not the case as there are metal roofing options that are perfect for any architectural design from modern to contemporary to colonial – you name it! What follows is a list of the most popular metal roofing types: 

Metal Shingles

orange house with a metal roof

Metal shingles work great with all the classic-styled homes. There are a fair amount of metal shingle products available on the market that imitate the look of asphalt and wood shingles as well as shake. In most cases, the majority of people would not even be able to tell that it’s a metal shingle instead of other types. 

Metal Tile

Metal tile roof close up

Metal tiles are a quality but slightly more expensive option than the standard metal shingles. They are a great metal roofing option that emulates the look of classic Southwestern, Spanish, and Mediterranean homes with the appearance of clay tiling. 

Metal tiles can be painted or made from stone-coated steel seen in the popular Decra brand. It is important to note that while tiles are more expensive than shingles, they offer only an aesthetic upgrade and no extra benefits in the way of durability, longevity, and weather protection. 

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam panels

Standing seam metal panels are a very common choice for modern home applications but also work well for Colonial, ranch, and log cabin aesthetics. The standing seam panel has self-sealing, raised ribs along the edges that interlock to provide a tight seal to effectively seal out and shed water including protection against ice dams 

Another benefit of this metal roofing style is that it works great for installing solar panels on the roof without having to make any penetrations – the solar panel racking will actually have the ability to clamp onto the seam.

Metal Roofing Materials 

Metal roofs are made from many different metals and alloys. 

Galvanized steel (G-90 steel and G-60 steel) is a common metal roofing type. G-90 (hot-dip zinc high-end steel) and G-60 (less expensive, thinner gauge) are often used in ribbed metal panels but can corrode over time (especially G-60) when exposed to moist or humid environments with salt spray in coastal areas. Galvalume steel has a similar application to galvanized steel but is more expensive and longer-lasting. Both galvanized and galvalume can be used in stone-coated solutions. 

Other metals include aluminum (the second most popular material due to cost), copper, zinc, terne, and stainless steel. 

Copper metal roofs are by far the most durable, lasting for hundreds of years, but bear the highest cost. 

Benefits of Metal Roofing

The primary benefits of metal roofing is the longevity, durability and weather resistance. On average, metal roofs will last 40-70 years and sometimes much longer such as in the case of copper roofing. That’s at a minimum twice the lifetime of an asphalt shingle roof that is usually replaced every 15-25 years. 

Metal roofs are fantastic for weather resistance. They work great to protect against ice, snow, and ice dams by automatically shedding the condensation as it collects. Metal is also a non-combustible fire-retardant material so it will never catch on fire like cedar and asphalt options. These roofs can also withstand winds between 110-160 mph and thus are the recommended roof type for homes in hurricane regions. 

In regards to durability, metal roofing will not rot, split, dry-out, chip, leak, or crack and generally require minimal to no maintenance. With insulation underneath the metal roofing, it will also be incredibly quiet which is contrary to popular myths about this roofing. 

Metal roofing is also one of the most eco-friendly roofing options. It’s the only completely green material in the roofing industry because it uses the least amount of resources during manufacturing, contains no petroleum, and can always be recycled. 

For a deeper dive into the benefits of metal roofing, check out our blog on all the pros and cons

Downsides of Metal Roofing 

The downside to metal roofing mostly surrounds the cost. It is much more expensive than other alternatives with respect to upfront costs as well as add-ons. If a customer intends to install solar panels in the future, they can usually expect to pay more for installation than they would if they had a standard asphalt shingle roof. 

Newer innovations in metal roofing are usually able to withstand pressure, but it is possible for them to bend or dent if enough weight is applied. 


It is possible to install a metal roof over an old asphalt roof to save on costs but it is recommended that you start from scratch. Metal roofs should only be installed by specialists with experience installing this roof type because if it is installed incorrectly, there could be issues that develop down the line such as leaks or outright failure. 

Ready to Install Your Metal Roof? 

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