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How to Clean The Wall Without Removing Paint

By 970 Services | September 20, 2019

Cleaning the walls in your Denver home might seem easy enough…until you scrub off a chunk of paint. Thankfully, there are household items you can use to easily clean your walls in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms without stripping your wall paint. Here, we’ll discuss three of our favorite household cleaning items to […]

How to Remove the Pet Urine Smell From Your Carpets

By 970 Services | September 10, 2019

What’s that smell? If you have a cat or dog, you know that pee happens. When Fido has to go, he’s going to go…wherever he can find a place. Pet urine, unfortunately, isn’t easy to clean and can easily soak into carpets and furniture. Worst part? The smell can linger long after cleanup. Don’t let […]

3 Benefits of a Home Emergency Fund

By 970 Services | August 19, 2019

Owning a home comes with major set of responsibilities. You’re in charge of your own budget, but you’re also in charge of your own maintenance and repairs. When home issues arise, you’ll need to fix it right away…but what if you don’t have the funds? Setting aside a home emergency fund before problems arise is […]

Lightning Damage? Here’s What to Do

By 970 Services | August 1, 2019

When it comes to natural disasters and home damage, lightning isn’t always a likely suspect. Most often, we attribute home damage to something more menacing like hurricanes, fires, and forceful winds. But lightning damage can pose a serious risk to your property, and home damage from a lightning strike can cost you hundreds or thousands […]

Here’s Why You Should Perform a Mold Inspection After Water Damage

By 970 Services | July 29, 2019

Water damage is a major problem for any homeowner; mold is another beast. Worst part? Where’s there is sitting water, there is often mold growth. If your home near Loveland has experienced water damage, its recommended to perform a mold inspection too—even if you can’t see any mold growth. Growth may not be visible immediately, […]

3 Reasons For Roof Replacement in Northern Colorado

By 970 Services | July 18, 2019

Sometimes the need for a new roof is simple: your roof is old and it’s time for a replacement. Other times, it’s a little more complicated. At 970 Services, we deal with the complicated. When your roof has weathered the storm of a disaster, we’re the ones to call. Here are just a few of […]

Grilling Safety: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cooking Outside

By 970 Services | July 10, 2019

Summer is the perfect time for lighting up the grill and hanging by the pool…but only if you’re using the grill properly. Grilling can be a dangerous sport—causing upwards of 7,000 injuries or house fires each year in the United States—so you should always follow safety procedures.  Grilling Do’s: How to Safely Grill During the […]

How to Find the Right Disaster Clean-Up Service Near Denver

By 970 Services | July 3, 2019

When your home and family experiences a fire, water damage, or the aftermath of a storm, you’re often left in disarray. You know you must pick up the pieces and move on…but how? Finding a disaster relief company or clean-up service is the first step—here’s how to find the right one. 4 Tips For Finding […]

Can You Repair Water-Damaged Drywall?

By 970 Services | June 26, 2019

Ceilings and walls in your home were built to withstand anything, right? You might think so…until your home experiences a water problem. Water damage can occur from a leaky roof, a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, or anything in between. Often, water related disasters leave behind a mess in their wake. If your drywall was […]

How to Clean Ceilings with Smoke Residue

By 970 Services | June 19, 2019

Master chef or kitchen newbie, you’re bound to burn a meal at least once. Unfortunately, your ceiling will act as the catch-all for the smoke residue. While this can leave behind quite a mess (and some unsightly stains), smoke residue can also damage your kitchen paint and drywall. Here’s our how-to guide on cleaning a […]

4 Types of Disasters That Cause Property Damage

By 970 Services | June 12, 2019

Some disasters come and go. Others bring along lasting property damage. Catastrophic and costly, property damage exists in many forms.  Whether it’s water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or cosmetic damage, property damage can feel like the end of the world. Here are 4 types of disasters that can cause property damage and what to […]

How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds

By 970 Services | June 5, 2019

Wind damage from strong thunderstorms or tornadoes can do a number on your home’s roof. In an average year, Colorado gets about 53 tornadoes—sometimes mild and other times disastrous—so you’ll want be prepared. Here, we’ll break down how to spot roof damage after experiencing strong winds and what to do next. How Can Wind Damage […]

4 Unexpected Items in Your Colorado Home That Can Cause Fire Damage

By 970 Services | May 31, 2019

Don’t leave candles unattended. Never, ever smoke in bed. You’ve heard these tips for fire safety before…but what about the other items in your home? What are you missing that could be a potential fire hazard? Many devices that use electricity have the potential to start a fire and result in significant smoke damage—here are […]

How to File a Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim

By 970 Services | May 22, 2019

After a hail storm, visually inspecting your roof tends to be the first step. However, roof hail damage can be hard to spot—but as a homeowner, it’s something you have to consider after a bad thunderstorm. In this article, we’ll walk you through the insurance claim process. Then, we’ll explain how to hire a roofing […]

What To Do If Your House Has Mold (Or You Think It Does)

By 970 Services | May 15, 2019

Black mold is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Known for causing long-term adverse health effects, making your family sick in the short-term, and its unsightly appearance, mold not a welcome house guest. It can also cause structural damage and harm your home, too. If you think your home has mold, here’s what you should do. How […]

How to Save Water-Damaged Wood Flooring

By 970 Services | May 8, 2019

Standing water and hardwood floors? Yeah, they don’t mix. When your beautiful kitchen or dining room is underwater, your first instinct might be to panic. That’s a mistake. You don’t have time to panic—you’ll need to act fast to save your flooring from any damage! Here’s how to save your water-damaged wood flooring as soon […]

How to Maximize Your Water Damage Claim

By 970 Services | May 1, 2019

When your ceiling starts to drip or you return home to find your bathroom flooded, your first instinct might be to panic. Stop—don’t do that. Nothing good can come from overreacting. Plus, you have homeowner’s insurance, right? You can file an insurance claim to help fix any water damage that might have occurred, right? Yes, […]

What Happens If You Paint Over Mold?

By 970 Services | April 24, 2019

Painting over mold? It’s one way that leasing offices, homeowners, and businesses try to remedy mold-related problems. But, what really happens when you paint over mold? And, is it a viable way to kill the mold infestation or will it only make things worse? Here, we’ll discuss what happens if you paint over mold and […]

How to Identify Crawl Space Water Damage

By 970 Services | April 17, 2019

Average homeowners don’t spend a lot of time in the crawl space or the dark, dingy basement. And, the chances of finding a water leak in a place you don’t frequent? Not very likely. Crawl space water damage is a common occurrence because supply lines, as well as drain pipes, are often routed through the […]

What’s the Difference Between Mold & Mildew?

By 970 Services | April 17, 2019

When you hear someone bring up the topic of mold, the word ‘mildew’ is soon to follow. But, are they the same thing? As a homeowner, do you know the difference between mold and mildew? It’s true that these two fungi hang out together and have quite a few similar properties. Both mold and mildew […]

  • 5 star review  We had a lead and Zack and Joel responded immediately. They were present with a clear evaluation, solutions, and remediation that didn't break the bank. I feel secure and safe knowing that the issue was handled truly properly. Thank you 970 Services!

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  • 5 star review  970 services is highly recommend from not only myself but everyone we know! The team members are absolutely sweethearts and take the time to get the job done right.

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  • 5 star review  970 roofing was recommended to us by our lender. Adam was awesome and really took time to answer our questions Day or night, the whole process was totally stress free. The crew that came out to roof our home did a fantastic job. Excellent quality for a great price couldn’t be happier. Thanks guys!!!

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  • 5 star review  I loved everything about working with 970 Services, and they really delivered a first-class experience. We contacted them for an estimate after our roof was totaled from a hail storm over the summer. After agreeing to the proposal, 970 Services was great about communication (scheduling, providing recommendations for other work we needed done, progress updates on the roof installation, etc.), and the crew that came out to work on our house was also super professional and cleaned up the area very well. Will recommend them and use them again in the future!

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  • 5 star review  I was so happy I had the 970 team in my corner after the hail storm. Adam and Brian are wonderful individuals. I am glad I could count on them for professional services as well as I consider them wonderful friends. Love my new roof and Joe was GREAT!

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