The ceilings and walls in your home were built to withstand anything, right? You might think so…until your home experiences a water problem. Water damage can occur from a leaky roof, a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, or anything in between. Often, water-related disasters leave behind a mess in their wake. If your drywall was a casualty of a recent water disaster, read on. 

So, Can You Repair Water-Damaged Drywall?

Yes, you can. With the help of a professional water restoration company, you can have your drywall restored back to its original state in no time. Just remember: the process will take some prep work and can make a bit of a mess—so patience and deep breaths are encouraged!

Here’s What to Do If You Have Water-Damaged Drywall

If you have water-damaged drywall, follow these steps to repair ASAP.

Determine what caused the damage.

Ask yourself a few questions to start: What caused the water damage? Is it still an active site? Once you discover the source of the water, you’ll have a better idea of the extent of the damage. 

Turn off the main water valve.

If the water problem is still on-going, solve it by turning off the main water valve. Until you can call in a professional plumber to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs, do not reactivate the main water valve. 

Clean up excess water.

After calling a plumber to assess the water damage and make emergency repairs, you’ll want to continue mopping up and drying any excess water. While your drywall may remain damp, soaking up excess water quickly can help save your floors and baseboards.

Look out for mold and mildew.

Wet drywall absorbs water, making it a magnet for mold and mildew growth. Moist environments create the ideal breeding ground for these spores (plus, with drywall, it can feast on the paper). You’ll want to act fast with repairing the water-damaged areas to avoid a larger mold-removal process down the road. 

Call in a professional. 

Once you’ve assessed the damage and taken care of the plumbing (if you’re dealing with a leak or burst pipe), you’ll want to call in a professional home and water restoration service. A professional team will make sure that the damaged area is thoroughly dry before beginning to patch and repair your drywall to like-new condition.

Call 970 Services For Water Restoration Near Denver, CO

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