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Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roof Installations & Replacements

For commercial property owners, a well-maintained and durable roof is absolutely critical. Not only does it provide protection from the elements, but an effective roof can also increase comfort, reduce energy bills, minimize the need for costly repairs, and even boost the overall appearance of your property.

At 970 Roofing, we offer professional commercial roofing services including installation, inspections, replacements, repairs, and more. From the supporting structure, to the final protective material, we promise a roof that will stand strong for years no matter how unpredictable Colorado weather can be. 

Types of commercial roofing systems we install:

  • NTPO
  • NFlat roofs


Northern Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable and sometimes destructive. Your building’s roof is particularly vulnerable to hailstorms, which can cause significant damage. If you’re facing a roof repair or replacement due to hail damage, we’re here to help. As insurance claims specialists for hail damage, we work closely with your insurance company to ensure that the process is efficient and transparent. Our goal is to protect you from any hidden costs associated with your roof repair or replacement, so you can get back to business as usual.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Our highly qualified, licensed, and insured roofing specialists will collaborate with you to identify any potential roof issues. Some of the most common problems reported by Colorado property owners include, inadequate installation which causes significant damage to commercial roofs, including standing water, weather damage, and misplaced materials.

If snow accumulates on your flat roof and is unable to drain through your gutter system, you may end up paying thousands in repairs to fix the damages. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your property’s and tenant’s safety!

Types of repairs we offer:

  • NWeather damage
  • NAged roofs
  • NBlistering, curling, shrinkage
  • NLeaks
  • NFlashing
  • NDecking
  • NGutters
  • NSagging
  • NWater damaged materials

…And much more!