Some disasters come and go. Others bring along lasting property damage. Catastrophic and costly, property damage exists in many forms.  Whether it’s water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or cosmetic damage, property damage can feel like the end of the world. Here are 4 types of disasters that can cause property damage and what to do next.

1. Flash Flooding

Flash flooding can go from a quick rain storm to serious water damage in no time at all. Dropping several inches of rainfall in a small amount of time, a flash flood can wreak havoc on your basement or crawlspace if water ends up indoors. If a flash flood has left your home underwater, it’s been to call in a restoration team and your homeowner’s insurance ASAP.

2. Burst Pipes

Denver winters can bring along snow storms, ice, and frigid temperatures. During the winter months, you have to take precautions to ensure your water pipes don’t freeze. If they do, there’s a chance they could burst when thawing out and cause significant flooding in your home. If you have a burst pipe, call a restoration team first to limit the amount of property damage.  

3. Severe Storms

Severe thunderstorms can bring along strong winds, heavy rains, and sometimes hail. With strong winds, your roof risks damage from debris, tree limbs, and missing shingles. When your roof is left exposed in stormy weather, you also run the risk of water damage. If you home is affected by a severe storm, take shelter first and assess the damage later. Call in a restoration team once the storm has passed for any necessary repairs.

4. House Fires

Last, but certainly not least, house fires are another major cause of property damage in Denver, Colorado. Whether your gas stove was left unattended or you experienced an electrical fire, house fires can do serious damage to your property no matter where they start. Thankfully, you can take safety measures to avoid fires in your home. If you’ve already experienced a house fire and need help restoring the area, call 970 Services near Denver today.

Experienced Property Damage? Here’s What to Do Next

Was your Denver home damaged in a recent storm? Did you have a water pipe burst unexpectedly? Disasters happen. Don’t be alarmed. If you’ve experienced a serious disaster and you have property damage, call a professional restoration crew ASAP.  

Call 970 Services For Home Restoration Near Denver, CO

When disaster strikes, we’re here to help. 970 Services provides quality home restoration services near Denver to resolve damage caused by hail, wind, water, fire, mold, smoke and soot. Located in Loveland, Colorado, we aim to help locals return their fire-damaged homes to normal and minimize the stress felt by each person affected.

We also offer roof repair, roof replacement, and fire restoration service in the following areas: Fort Collins, Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, Longmont, and throughout Northern Colorado.