Water leaks, burst pipes, and natural disasters are no joke. In fact, if they are not taken care of as soon as they occur, an incident like this could lead to severe water damage and costly repairs. Here, let’s discuss the top three things to know about water damage so you can be prepared before disaster strikes. 

Water Damage: 3 Facts All Loveland, CO Homeowners Should Know

1. Take action ASAP.

When a pipe bursts or you experience a water leak, don’t wait around. Take action as soon as you notice a problem. How do you take action? Call a professional restoration company. Calling a home restoration service at the first sighting of a water leak, you may be able to prevent major water damage in your home. Most reliable home services teams will be able to respond to an emergency call within the hour. 

2. Dry the area first.

While you wait for a home restoration company or emergency plumber to arrive, make sure you turn off your water main and attempt to dry the area. Soak up water from any hardwood flooring, carpet, or furniture with towels, blankets, and fans. Taking action while you wait may help to prevent extensive damage to additional home furnishings. Also, standing water can potentially lead to mold growth—an issue you want to avoid at all costs.

3. Consider damage below the surface.

As a homeowner, you may like to take care of issues on your own. Calling an emergency home restoration company might seem drastic for a water leak…but it’s not. Even if you soak up all the standing water, it is likely that more has seeped through the floor and baseboards. Professionals know how to look below the surface and investigate for mold growth, internal water damage, and rotting wood. 

Water Damage Restoration: Call 970 Services Near Loveland

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